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Throughout the years, I’ve earned a reputation for being one of the best Cultural Proficiency and Equity based consultants on the West Coast. Whether one on one, in small groups, large auditoriums, or remotely via ZOOM, I have a passion for working with organizations to properly assess their level of cultural proficiency and then train, assist and support them in order to improve their understanding of equity, climate and overall culture of their organization.

My professional coaching career began as a Division 1 student-athlete where I quickly realized, that you have to perpetually learn, adapt and evolve to compete at a high level. This foundational lesson soon translated over to my early work as an educator, that drove me to pursue my graduate degrees, that gave me context and confidence to become a school founder, which equipped me to turn around and invigorate a city’s historical high school from the brink of closure, which thrust me into a position of community advocate and evolved my leadership skills that has suited me for several C Suite executive positions within multiple school districts across the state.  My career’s path and desire to impact communities in a positive way has sparked me to translate these experiences and best practices into an entrepreneurship and develop a private consultancy of professional services I am deeply passionate about.

Having first-hand personal and professional successes addressing and ultimately overcoming challenges has given me credibility with a multitude of different audiences that disarms and allows for discussions to be had and understanding to occur.
In short, I have advised, coached, and supported over 150 businesses, leading leaders and CMO's, in roles ranging from urban school principal, to small business owner to keynote speaker, to district associate superintendent, chief academic officer and most importantly husband and father.
Whether you are a new or experienced leader, dealing with community challenges or staff members, experiencing tough times with your team, or just want to continue to improve relationships and culture, I have a proven track record of success in a myriad of industries and 23 years of real world leadership experience.

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Inside Out Approach

I provide nationally recognized and proven tools accompanied with personal hands-on experience in utilizing and implementing these strategies in order to provide expert advise and guidance for my clients in the areas of Cultural Proficiency, Equity, and Leadership. I also advise leaders and organizations on how to reconcile and rebuild if and when an offense has already occurred.

While diversity and inclusion have been hot topics for quite some time, the reality is that whatever your particular stage in life, students, working adults, teams, and staffs, are not always treated equitably and often feel that they do not have a voice. Disparities abound, be they drop out rates, household income, top jobs, or overall recognition. 

Creating a safe space, common language, and developing an action plan as how to move forward our all part of the process when I partner with you and/or your team/staff.

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Supporting with Compassion

Cultural Proficiency and Equity starts with a reflective look at ourselves, individually and then collectively, it is on-going and never ending. I approach the work through storytelling, interactive games, engaging activities, and scenario reviews, in order to cultivate community and communication while diving into topics that some find challenging, but inevitably must be addressed in order to meet the needs of the diverse environments in which we all exist.

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The Path to Success




Beyond Motivation

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What My Clients Have to Say

"I believe most (if not all) students who formed the student cohort:(initially) didn't believe they had a voice; yet we knew they had much to share with us. They left their time with KT feeling empowered and valued."

ABC Unified High School Principal

"The way in which you teach the foundations of cultural proficiency through stories and activities brought us all closer together and made previously difficult topics fun to talk to others about."

Gary Middleton
Oakland Unified School District Principal

"Kevin is the real deal! He has done and lived it, when he speaks he is authentic and holds himself to a very high standard, going above and beyond to serve communities."

Jay King
California Black Chamber of Commerce

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